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thumb|left|link=Truth or Consequences is the fifth episode from Season 1. It aired on November 29, 2003.


Tommy becomes excited when he learns about an upcoming film contest that is going to be judged by his favorite director, Martin Costomiris. His parents Didi and Stu encourage him to enter, but Tommy is unsure of what kind of movie he wants to make. Eventually he decides on a sci-fi thriller about aliens, staring his friends. However he quickly becomes frustrated by his friends constant bickering and unprofessionalism.


Tommy's idea to create a musical is ended quickly.

He realises that filming his friends secret conversations is more film worthy than his sci-fi thriller. When reviewing the footage, Dil tells Tommy he does not think that entering the footage about their friends secrets would be a very good idea. Angelica comes over one day demanding to see the tape of the si-fi movie fotage when Tommy is not home. When Angelica sees the tape of what Tommy is going to send in, she calls over the whole gang to watch it, who, except for Chuckie and Dil are all outraged that Tommy would consider entering their private moments into the competition. Tommy refuses to destroy


Tommy's friends are still giving him the cold shoulder.

the tape and his friends storm out and give Tommy the cold shoulder for the next couple of days. The fi


The gang as little kids in Tommy's video.

lm Tommy enters the competition, A Day before the Day of the Life of My Friends, features bloopers from his earlier attempt at making a movie and clips of the gangs as babies. Tommy did not win the competition, but he got a picture of him with his favorite director and he got his friends back.

Sub Plot[]

Meanwhile, Vice Principal Pangborn wants to spend more time observing Dil's behavior as he finds it disturbing. However, his attempts to delve into Dil's mind using traditional methods are frustrating. Pangborn calls Stu and Didi into the office and tells them that he recommends Dil have some counselling. Didi is outraged that Pangborn would consider changing her son into a generic boy without any originality. She praises Dil for seeing the world differently and storms out leaving Pangborn cowering behind a file shelf.

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