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The Old and the Restless is the eleventh episode from Season 1. It aired on January 24, 2004.


Grandpa Lou is confused as of where to go.



Tommy picks up his grandpa when he thinks Lou is taking it too fast.

Grandpa Lou chaperons Tommy's class field trip to the Human Body Museum. Tommy becomes embarrassed because Grandpa Lou is quite slow, as he is a lot older now than he used to be, so they do not get to do everything there is at the museum and he keeps telling old stories which no ones finds interesting. Sean, Sean's friend, and Tommy sneak off and Sean makes them go a part of the museum that is out of bounds. They get trapped and Grandpa Lou saves them in a way that reminds Tommy of some of the war stories that Grandpa Lou had told him. Tommy then forgives Grandpa Lou for embarrassing him.

Sub Plot[]

Meanwhile, Dil has to go to the hospital with a burping disorder.

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