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 Susie Sings the Blues is the second episode from Season 1. It aired on November 29, 2003.



The "talent agent" telling Susie she needs $1000.

After meeting a woman from a talent agency, Susie b


Susie sings on stage before getting discovered.

egins to believe that she has the talent needed to become an inernational pop star. The woman tells Susie that she has many perspective clients ready to meet her provided she pays $1,000. Unable to come up with the money on her own or ask her parents for it she turns to her older sister Alisa who has been saving up a house. Alisa agrees to give her the money however when Susie arrives at the building she was told to


Kimi convinces Susie that she is an amazing singer.

meet at she discovers it is d


Susie performing at the Java Lava.

esserted. Completely devasted Susie goes home and tells her sister about the money. Alisa is understanding but angry that Susie put her life at risk. Despite her setback Susie goes onstage at Chaz and Betty's cafe the Java Lava for a talent night and is a huge sucess.

Sub Plot[]

Meanwhile, after seeing a group of students getting pun


Tommy and Chuckie are in trouble for the pranks they pulled.

ished for a school prank, Chuckie decides that he is tired of playing it safe and decides to reinvent himself as Chuck - a boy who is not afraid of talking risks. With the reluctant help of Tommy, Chuckie superglues all of the basketball team's sneakers to the bathroom ceiling, but does not get caught for the prank. So Chuckie and Tommy rig the soda and ice cream machines to explode all over Vice Principal Pangborn. They then get caught photo copying Chuckie's butt in attempt to replace Pangborn's diploma with it. When they go to the office, the boys discover that Pangborn is a closet poet and inadvertenly encourage him to read some of his works at the Java Lava. Inspired by Chuckie's daringness, Pangborn only tells the boys to clean up their mess much to Chuckie's disappointment.

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