Rugrats: All Growed Up!: Older and Bolder is a single-player adventure game for the PC. It is inspired by the Rugrats 10th Anniversary Special and is the only Rugrats game that features the Rugrats pre-teens. In it babies have been catapulted ten years into the future!. The goal of the game in order to get home is to find pieces of a time machine scattered around Dr. Spooky's castle. During the game you can play as either Tommy Pickles Chuckie Finster Dil Pickles or Kimi Finster and Reptar who is unlocked later in the game. Angelica is not playable. However she does narrate the game.

The side-scrolling platform style gameplay has never been seen before in a Rugrats PC title. The game plays similiarly to Donkey Kong and Jumpman. It was part of the Fun Club Collection.

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