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Louis Kalhern "Grandpa Lou" Pickles (born November 8, 1930) is the father of Drew and Stu Pickles, and the paternal grandfather of Tommy, Dil, and Angelica. He is a caring grandfather, and loves to spend time with his grandsons and their friends. He is voiced by the late David Doyle (1990-1997) and the late Joe Alaskey (1997-2008).


Lou pickles is Tommy,Dil and Angelica's paternal grandpain charismatic moving and caring grandpa he is 61 aged in Rugrats the father of Stu Pickles and Drew Pickles.The baby sitting of Tommy,Chuckie,Phil and Lil,The girl name Kimi,Dil and Angelica

Tommy Pickles[]

Tommy is a grandson of Lou he likes his grandpa lou pickles and he loved his grand pa

Angelica Pickles[]

Angelica/Ann is the grand daughter of lou pickles the daughter of Charlotte and Drew Pickles


  • When his a newborn Lou borns in 1930
  • His interest is fishing
  • His occupation is cooking and solding