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It's Cupid Stupid is the eighth episode from Season 1.


There is a Valentine's Day dance. Dil makes friends with the new boy Lil' Q guest sta


r Lil' Romeo who is a hacky sacker but his hack sacky turns out to be cupid's arrow. Chuckie is planning to ask Nicole to the dance but while Dil is helping Lil' Q with his hacky sacky aiming Lil' Q goes to hit Nicole's book but he


accidentally hits Nicole making her fall in love with Tommy. Chuckie gets angry with Tommy and they fall out.

Angelica is scheming to get the boy of her dreams Sean Butler into asking her to the dance but while she's talking to him Nicole Tommy and Chuckie where passed so Lil' Q tries to undo his mistake earlier but this time instead of hitting Nicole with his hacky sacky he hits Sean on the head and he falls in love with Susie (who is sitting

on a bench). Later at the Java Lava Angelica warns Kimi to keep Susie away from Z because Susie is a boy stealer. Kimi tells Angelica that there is not anything to worry about because she Susie and Z are just friends. Lil' Q and Dil are practising throwing the hacky sacky around the Java Lava and whe


n Lil' Q throws it he hits Z who is carrying smoothies back to their table. He immediately falls in love with Susie and he and Sean argue over who is taking Susie to the dance and Kimi gets upset because she likes Z. Eventually at the dance Lil' Q and Dil fix all of their problems so Nicole asks Chuckie to dance and Z asks Kimi but when they hit Sean with the hacky sacky nothing happens but Angelica orders him to dance anyway. Phil asks Tommy to dance with Lil so he could get a snack.

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