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Dylan ‘Dil’ Prescott Pickles (born August 28, 1991) is one of the main characters in All Grown Up!. Voiced by Tara Strong. Ever since Rugrats Dil has been the most mischievous and clever one of group of the babies. But ever since Phil & Lil dropped him on his head, he has been all little nuts but Didi thinks it's hereditary (from Stu's side). Although Dil often says, acts, believes and dresses bizarre he is the most sensitive and insightful of the group and has really deep moment


Tommy Pickles[]

After 10 years Tommy has grown fond of Dil, although he is most of the times freaked by his younger brother`s actions, he still loves him dearly and felt really awful after he and the rest of the gang pulled a prank on Dil making fun of something (aliens) Dil cares deeply and is passionate about. Tommy felt especially bad because it was his idea to pull the prank. They are always there for each other as Dil see his big brother as one of his best friends. Dil supports his brother filming talents as he believes this makes his brother for who he is. Dil was the only one who didn't give up on Tommy when he lost his confidences in his filming skills and he almost gave up on his filming dreams, after one of the films he made wasn't very good, to become a business man instead. Dil not only encouraged Tommy to not give up on his passion for filming but helped him get his confidences back. In Rugrats, Tommy and Dil shared a room for most of their time as babies until their Grandpa Lou moved out as they were given separate rooms, although it took a awhile for Dil to adjust not sharing a room with Tommy.

Angelica Pickles[]

Although Angelica is still mean and often makes fun of Dil and vice versa, they still care about each other and are still closer with each other than both of them are with most of the others in the group. The two don't interact as much in AGU!, their most well known interaction in this series is when she yelled at him "GET OUT OF THE WAY FREAK, OR I'LL MOVE YOU OUT OF THE WAY!",but they still talk and get along (mostly), because of the lack of frequent interaction. When Angelica was in a really bad place Dil was the person she went to for advice, and he delivered.

Lil DeVille[]

Dil and Lil have never been super close, and Lil liked Dil more when they were younger but the two are still good friends despite not having much in common. Dil was the mascot for Lil (and Phil's) soccer team and was experimenting with a bunch of different animal costumes as the mascot uniform. There have been times when Dil has left Lil speechless because of his "unusual" behavior, for instance in "The Curse of Reptar" when he tries to pop the kettle corn with his mind and Lil says that mind control is ridiculous and as she goes to put it in the microwave Dil replies with "I got you to make it didn't I?" which left Lil speechless.

Phil DeVille[]

Phil and Dil are best friends in AGU! but Phil didn't like Dil when they were babies Very much. In AGU! when Lil didn't want to a twin (or just thought of as Phil and Lil) Dil "filled in" as Phil's twin. Dil dressed like Phil, he acted like Phil and followed him everywhere.

Chuckie Finster[]

Chuckie and Dil were never the closest of friends but they definitely are good friends. After Tommy and Chuckie got in a fight over Armadillo Dave comics ending Dil was the only one who understood Chuckie, even without talking to him. Dil pointed out to Tommy that "...we don't know what it's like to lose someone you love, Chuckie does, his mom."

Kimi Finster[]

Kimi and Dil don't interact with each other too much in either of the two series, but they are good friends and Dil did really want to and tried to help the guys when they tried to renovate Kimi's room after thinking her room was making her depressed (it didn't).

Susie Carmichael[]

Dil and Susie don't appear to have a lot of interactions in the series but they are still good friends and support each other and go to each others events, and they know each other pretty well.


  • Eats using his right hand but writes with his left
  • He is the only Rugrat that Angelica went to when she needed help and was in a bad place (and he was happy to help his cousin out)
  • He believes in aliens
  • He has red hair
  • He is half Jewish (mother) and half Christian (father)
  • His favorite soap opera is 'Hospital de Tentacion'
  • Is a mix of Jewish, Scottish, American and Russian
  • So he didn't only help out Angelica, without Chuckie realizing it, Dil gave the gang a pearl of wisdom (despite being the youngest) when Chuckie was devastated about the cancellation of his favorite comic Armadillo Dave, the group didn't understand why he was so upset until Dil said, "...we don't know what it's like to lose something you love, Chuckie does, his mom".
  • He wanted to be Phil's twin when Lil didn't want to be anymore
  • He had to go on live TV and say how he missed his brother before Tommy realized
  • He was the school mascot
  • He has an interesting relation/friendship with Principal Pangborn
  • He watches (the Nickelodeon version of) Gilligan's Island
  • He and Chuckie are the only two Rugrats to be left handed or south-pawed