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Did she was too kids Tommy & Dil.was mad at  Tommy when Kimi kiss  I'm not mad any more at  Tommy anyway her husband stu   so I'm  old Tommy grown up so fast  and Dil.


Didi is a part teachaer of the house enconomic and is now a child psylogist in the all grown up


Didi is a big fan of lipschitz and obbsessed with him. She often read Dr lipschitz's books and tries to convine others to take his advice. When Tommy and Dil mis behave she follow the words . Sheis a very loving mom

Stu Pickles

Didi husband and he married his wife didi pickles the beautiful woman

Betty DeVille

Didi best friend Betty is a little bit tom boy mom in a popular cartoon series the rugrats

Tommy Pickles

Tommy is a main character in rugrats the son of Didi and Stu

Dil Pickles

Dilis a supporting character n rugrats son of Didi and Stu and the young brother of Tommy

Angelica Pickles

Angelica/ann is a niece of Stu and Didi the bad girl in rugrats

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