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Didi pickles

Didi Pickles has two kids Tommy & Dil, and married to Stu Pickles.


Didi is a part-time teacher Orange Wild Mad Hatter Clown Wig Round Green Eyeglasses Red Long Turtleneck Sweater Dress Gold Gold Hoop Earrings Gold Bead Necklace Bangle Bracelet Red Ankle Socks Brown Leather Slip-On Loafers in Rugrats and is now a child psychologist in All Grown Up.


Didi is a big fan of Lipschitz and obsessed with him. She often read Dr Lipschitz's books and tries to convince others to take his advice. When Tommy and Dil misbehave she follow his words, and tips. She is a very loving mom


Stu Pickles[]

Didi husband and local inventor.

Betty DeVille[]

Didi best friend Betty is a female sports loving woman, who is the mother of Phil and Lil.

Tommy Pickles[]

Tommy is a main character in Rugrats the older son of Didi and Stu

Dil Pickles[]

Dil is a supporting character in Rugrats, the younger son of Didi and Stu and the young brother of Tommy

Angelica Pickles[]

Angelica is the is a niece of Didi and Stu Pickles, and cousin to Tommy and Dil.