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Chuckie's in Love is the fourth episode from Season 1. It aired on December 6, 2003



Nicole, the girl Chuckie likes.

Chuckie has a crush on Nicole Boscerelli, but he is afraid to talk to her because she does not notice his existence. Desperate, he goes to Kimi for help on changing his image to get Nicole to notice him.She agrees, with the condition that Chuckie takes her shift at the Java Lava so she can go to a concert with Lil. With the confidence he receives from his new disguise, he develops an alter ego as foreign exch



ange student, Chongo, when he introduces himself to Nicole. Tommy tells Chuckie he does not need fictional Chongo. Chuckie is convinced that he can keep the charade going. One afternoon, when working at the Java Lava, Nicole comes in for a smoothie and spends time talking about Chongo to Chuckie and tells him that she appreciates his great listening skills. With the sucess in talking to her, Chuckie decides to tell Nicole that he is really Chongo, but when he arrives


Phil imitates Chongo.

Nicole insists that Chongo meet her new friend Chuck.... from the Java Lava. Chuckie tries to keep switching between Chongo and himself but is caught by Nicole who is angry at him for lying to her but stills wants to be friends with him regardless.

Sub Plot[]

Angelica becomes a reporter on the school newspaper and decides to write a story about weird school cafeteria food. Angelica's article is widely recieved by the students causing them to avoid the school's cafeteria food. Pepe the school's head chef agrees to make normal food in exchange for a positive article about him in the school paper. Angelica agrees, but when Pepe attempts to make the food blindfolded he accidentally puts egg shells dish soap and other unusual items into the food. When the students taste it the next day they agree the food is weird free and they eat it until later when they are all sick. They all agree that the weird food never made them sick and get mad at Angelica.


  • Dil Pickles is absent this episode.
  • This episode is slightly similar to the Robin Williams movie "Mrs. Doubtfire"
  • While the students agreed that Pepe's food wasn't weird, it was his fault as he did make the food while blindfolded.
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