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Charlotte pickles

Drew's Wife Tommy and Dil's aunt and Angelica's mom voice of tress macneile

Charlotte Pickles.

  1. Blonde Wig
  2. Blue Scrunchy
  3. Red Earrings
  4. Dark Red Lipstick
  5. Blue Skirt Suit
  6. White Button Down
  7. Red Tie
  8. Blue Heels
  9. Brown Leather Briefcase
  10. 90s Cell Phone Case


aside from being drew's wife as a mom is having a buisness to CEO


Drew Pickles[]

the husband of charlotte pickles

Dil Pickles[]

Charlotte in rugrats movie charlotte says its a boy and and Charlotte are friendly to Dil

Angelica Pickles[]

Charlotte's daughter being has a cookie and have a mad at her mom

Jonathan Kraskell[]

Charlotte's busyness enemy for calling to him