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Rugrats: All Growed Up! July 21 2001[]

The Rugrats are now ten years older and in school. Series Premeire.

Coup DeVille April 12 2003[]

Lil moves out of the bedroom she shared with Phil since they were babies and gets invited to a cool kids party without Phil. Chuckie tries to avoid the President's fitness test.

Susie Sings the Blues November 29 2003[]

When a talent agenct approaches Susie after hearing her sing Susie becomes optimistic. The agent then cons her into giving her a $1,000. Chuckie wants to be more daring. So he and Tommy start pranking vice-principal Pangborn.

Bad Kimi November 29 2003[]

When Kimi is drawn to the new boy at school named Z. Chuckie and the guys think that steals things and try to get information on Z to figure out what they're going to do. Meanwhile Angelica needs Harold's help giving out advice on her website Ask Angelica.

Tweenage Tycoons November 29 2003[]

To earn money to buy concert tickets for the Sulky Boys the gang sell products based on Dil's ideas. But they end up in competition with Angelica.

Truth or Consequences November 29 2003[]

Budding filmmaker Tommy has some footage of his friends and family that he wants to enter in the student film contest but the film is of embarrassing moments of his friends.

Chuckie's in Love December 6 2003[]

Chuckie poses as a cool boy named Chongo to impress Nicole the girl he had a crush on. Angelica challenges the school chef Pepe's weird food.

Theif Encounter December 6 2003[]

There is a theif who has been stealing things from gardens so Betty DeVille sets up a neighborhood watch to catch the little theif. Angelica becomes a mentor to a toddler with a similier personality to herself at that age.

River Rats December 16 2003[]

Betty and Chas take Tommy Chuckie and Phil white-water rafting. Tommy has a fear of water.

Brother Can You Spare the Time? January 17 2004[]

When Tommy wins an award for a short film Dil worries that Tommy will forget about him when he becomes famous. Chuckie tries to learn the art of lying.

The Old & the Restless January 24 2004[]

Grandpa Lou chaperons Tommy's class on a field trip to the Human Body Museum. Dil has to go to the hospital with a burping disorder.

It's Cupid Stupid February 14 2004[]

There is a Valentine's Day dance. Romeo guest stars as Lil' Q.

Tommy Foolery March 27 2004[]

Dil thinks aliens have contacted him and they are speaking to him through Tommy. Angelica schemes to be paired with Shaun at the Spring Fling school dance.

Lucky 13 August 28 2004[]

Angelica is turning 13 and having a big bash to celebrate. But she does not want any dweebs there and that includes her pre-teen cousins and Rugrats pals. But her party and Savannah's big bash collide on the same day so who will the kids go to?

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