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Boris Kropotkin.

( Born 1934 )


Boris is a very eccentric yet interesting man who is able great stories. He agrues often with Minka kerpackter and occasionally Lou Pickles. He ussually rambles on about his past experience living in old country


Boris has a peach skin,Small black eyes,and few hairs on his head. He often shown wearing green jacket and white undershirt as well as blue jeans.


Minka kerpackter[]

Minka is a wife of Boris and he don't know for Minka

Didi Pickles[]

Didi Pickles is a daughter of Boris

Shows and movies[]

  • Rugrats - ( Possibly 78 episodes )
  • All Grown Up! - ( 1 episode )
  • Rugrats Movie
  • Rugrats paris - ( Silent )