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Blind Man's Bluff is the second episode from Season 3.


When Susie gets a gig at Slosh Mountain the world's coolest water park she gives free tickets to Tommy and his friends. The kids are thrilled not so much about the show but about getting the chance to go on the mother of all rides Whiplash Gorge. Unfortunately Tommy and Dil soon learn they have to look after Grandpa Boris after cataract surgery on exactly the same day. Dil convinces Tommy to take Grandpa Boris with them to Slosh Mountain but they lose him.


Boris: Ira? Is that you? It's you all right you welcher. You still owe me bucks from Canasta night. This time, I'm not expecting Ruples. Get back here you.. (Pauses only to find himself confronting a biker) Biker: Who are you calling Ira old man? Name's Irving.

(Cuts to footage of Dil, Tommy and Kimi being in security and one of the guard's workers hovers over Phil's chair) Tommy: Oh, they got you too? Phil: Afraid so. First Appearances By: Grandpa Boris