Angelica Pickles
Angelica Pickles is one of the main character from Rugrats, All Grown Up! and Angelica and Susie's Pre-School Daze. She was born on May 12 1988 and is aged 31.

She has a passion for music and shopping and is also shown to be a cousin of Dil & Tommy. She is often depicted as a very beautiful teenage girl with short dark blonde hair. Angelica somewhat has a hate/respect relationship with Susie Carmichael and has many crushes including Sean and Darren. She often wears a tank top and colored jeans. Despite her beauty, she also is very egoistic, arrogant and selfish, but has a soft spot for her friends & family. When she was a baby she was very mean and rude way more then In all grown up. Her parents are Charlotte & Drew Pickles. Her grandfather & grandmother is Lou Pickles & Lulu Pickles even though Boris and Minka Kropotkin are Tommy and Dil's grandparents (on their Didi's side) Angelica always considered them her grandparents as well and they reciprocated that.

Relationships Edit

Tommy Pickles Edit

Although Tommy's beautiful cousin Angelica is mean, a "singer" and is bossy, Tommy is never afraid to confront her. You could say Tommy and Angelica are frienemies because of their fighting and her anger issues, but in the 2001 movie/show All Growed Up in the last scene of All Growed Up before it turns back into Rugrats, Angelica and Tommy drop the enemies part and become friends until she's back to her bratty spoiled younger self. Tommy stills loves Angelica very deeply and she still loves him too. They don't always see eye to eye but they will do anything to help each other.

Dil Pickles Edit

Although Angelica is still mean and often makes fun of Dil and vice versa, they still care about each other and are still closer with each other than both of them are with most of the others in the group. The two don't interact as much as Reptarin AGU! their most well known interaction in this series is when she yelled at him "GET OUT OF THE WAY FREAK, OR I'LL MOVE YOU OUT OF THE WAY!" but they still talk and get along (mostly), because of the lack of frequent interaction. When Angelica was in a really bad place Dil was the person she went to for advice, and he delivered.

Chuckie Finster Edit

Chuckie and Angelica are pretty close friends despite her always teasing him and the others. Chuckie is the closest to her age (him and Susie). Angelica tried to help him when he liked one of her friends, and to make him popular, but when everyone started liking the new fake Chuckie more than her, he felt bad and gave it all up for her. Angelica was also the only one of the group to know Chuckie's full name, not even his best friend. Angelica is who the gang went to to help teach Chuckie to lie.

Lil DeVille Edit

Lil and Angelica were never super close in the original series as Angelica was always taunting and teasing her and the other babies, but in AGU! Angelica and Lil are a lot closer and the two have been shown shopping together (along with Susie and Kimi). The two also both are fans of The Sulky Boys and Emica and boys and clothes etc. It was shown in one episode of the original series that Lil really looks up to Angelica because she's brave and tough etc.

Phil DeVille Edit

Angelica and Phil have never EVER been the closest of friends, they are basically rivals. The two are often seen to make jokes at each others expense. Phil is basically the only one of the kids to almost always talk back to her. Despite this the two are close, whether they want to be or not.

Susie Carmichael Edit

Angelica is Susie's best friend. Susie loves Angelica as her best friend but almost always looks for ways to compete with her, and while they are still best friends Susie always one-ups Angelica and sometimes makes bets on her failures and makes fun of her behind her back to the rest of the gang. But it never phases Angelica because she believes it's because she's jealous. In 'Susie Goes Bad Lite' Susie gives into peer pressure and has to prove how 'bad' she was (also to one up Angelica). Kimi and Lil had to go get Angelica so she could save Susie because she almost fell off a telephone company building and Angelica had to climb up there to talk some sense into Susie so that she wouldn't get hurt and Susie wouldn't listen and they fell, and if Lil and Kimi hadn't ran after a police patrol car then Angelica and Susie would've been seriously injured or possibly dead.

Kimi Finster Edit

Kimi and Angelica aren't super close but are still friends. The two go to the mall together along with Lil and Susie. They both are fans of The Sulky Boys and Emica.

Harold Frumpkin Edit

Harold and Angelica are best friends, and she only realized that when he was gone (because he was playing hard to get). Harold is in love with Angelica and has been since they met in pre-school. He acts as her slave, and follows her around and hangs out with her. He will do anything for her and reluctantly vice versa.

Trivia Edit

  • Her favorite color is blue
  • She still loves Cynthia
  • She loves The Sulky Boys
  • She saved Susie's life (yet is still thought of as the group bully)
  • She is a Christian
  • She is American and Scottish
  • She had an online advice column called 'Ask Angelica' which later rivaled with 'Hey Harold'
  • Dil is the only person she went to for help when she was in a bad place (and he was happy to help)
  • She gave Tommy his first camera, which started his love for directing
  • She once took Ballet class as a child, but was expelled after only two lessons
  • She loves cookies, candy, ice cream and other sweets
  • She's a cat person
  • She does grow up to have a decent singing voice
  • She hates coconut, broccoli, flan, baked apples and spinach
  • She wanted to be a teacher until Miss Weemer told her it was hard work then she wanted to be a movie star or a singer instead
  • Angelica is the only Rugrat to have known Chuckie's full name
  • She has broken her nose
  • She's admitted to being (although proven not to be) a try hard
  • She helped Chuckie get the attention of her friend (his crush)
  • She taught Chuckie how to lie
  • (In moment) Chuckie's dad has been scared of her (so it can be presumed that Phil and Lil's dad was too)
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